Type 5000 Two-Wire Pressure Transmitter

Brand: BelGas

The compact, rugged and reliable Type 5000 is a two-wire pressure transmitter, expressly designed for industrial field service.

This precision unit converts a signal pressure input into a precise 4-20 mA or 10-50 mA output.

The lightweight housing includes a 1/4 NPT pressure port and 1/2 NPT conduit port for field wiring. Connections are easily accessible via top cover removal. Zero and span adjustments are available within the field wiring compartment for fine, on-site calibration adjustment.

The Type 5000 pressure transmitter uses a unique, temperature compensated piezoresistive transducer, suitable for gauge pressure measurement of non-corrosive liquids and gases. The sensor has excellent dynamic response and is virtually insensitive to mounting orientation and ordinary industrial vibration.

Mounting holes on the transmitter housing are arranged to permit direct pipe (2″) mounting for minimum installed cost
  • 0.1% Accuracy Typical
  • Piezoresistive Pressure Transducer Resists Vibration
  • Mounts at Any Angle
  • Easily Accessible Zero and Span Adjustments
  • NEMA 4X Housing Approved for Explosion-proof Service
  • FM Approvals for:
    • Explosion Proof Service (Class 1, Divisions 1 and 2, Groups B, C & D)
    • Dust Ignition-proof Service (Class II, Divisions 1 and 2, Groups E, F & G)
    • Class III, Divisions 1 and 2. Equivalents to the Above Approvals Have Been

  • Industrial Field Service
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical Processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Industrial Automation
  • Power Generation

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