Liquid Surge (F9000)

Brand: Flow Safe, Inc

A pilot-less version of the F7000 series, this valve provides quick relief of pressure surges in oil pipelines or other liquid systems. Piston opens against fixed volume of gas in integral dome reservoir.

Elastomer seat for tight shutoff. Liquid pipelines operate under pressure. If a pressure surge occurs due to a valve opening or closing incorrectly, or a pump comes on line the result in a non-compressible fluid could be catastrophic.

The Flow Safe F9000 surge relief valve has speed of response performance you can depend on.
  • Direct pressure setting without need for pilot or other controls
  • Soft seated (Elastomer)
  • Furnished with precision self-relieving regulator & gauge
  • Full or reduced bore orifice
  • Piston lift at set pressure, proportional to demand
  • Repeatable leak tight seating and re-seating
  • Integral flange design
  • Piston dampening ring for chatter-free performance
  • Top entry for low-cost maintenance and cost of owners


Connection Sizes

  • 1" × 2" - 12" × 16" (25 mm × 50 mm - 300 mm × 400 mm)

Set Pressure Ranges

  • 100 - 3705 psig (6.9 - 255 barg)

Temperature Ranges

  • -65° to 500° F (-54° to 260° C)

Orifice Area Range

  • .521 - 111.87 in² (336 - 72174 mm²)

End Connections

  • Standard: Integral ASME RF Flanged (up to 1500# inlet)

Materials of Construction

  • Carbon Steel with Stainless Steel trim

Seat Materials

  • Elastomer: Buna-N, Viton (FKM) or equal, EPR/EPDM, FFKM (Chemraz, Kalrez, etc)

Certifications & Compliance

  • Superior flow capabilities (independently verified at 3rd-party high-capacity water test lab)
  • U.S. Patent No. 7,302,961 (December 2007)

  • Liquid Surge / Water Hammer Protection
  • Pump Failures
  • Rapid Block Valve Closure
  • Non-Return Check Valve Hard-Shutting
  • ESD of Tank or Loading System
  • Pump Startup or Tripping

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