Gate Valves

Brand: Quarter Turn Resources

QTR has expanded its product offerings to include the Valvitalia/Vitas Gate Valve designs more commonly used in the liquid pipeline and storage/terminal markets.

These gate valves include a full-port piggable, fabricated Slab Gate Valve and cast body Expanding Gate Valve.

QTR also offers a full-port fabricated, Compact (CEX) Expanding Gate Valve for applications “inside the fence” (multi-product manifolds) where pigging is not typically required.

These Compact (CEX) Expanding Gate Valves provide double block and bleed for product integrity/isolation
  • Valves for liquid pipeline and terminal-storage applications
  • Fire Safe per API-6FA
  • Through-conduit/piggable (Slab and Double Expanding)
  • Mechanical positive sealing (Expanding and Compact Expanding design)
  • Easy maintainability, in line (top entry)
  • Block and Bleed (Slab), Double Block and Bleed (Expanding and Compact Expanding design)

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