Cold Weather Technologies - Dry Line Heater

Brand: Tecvalco Ltd.

CWT Natural Gas Dry Line Heaters lead the pack in environmental responsibility and economic viability.

Based on Tecvalco Ltd.’s patented Heat Driven Loop technology, CWT heaters provide true indirect heat that results in tremendous thermal efficiencies.

CWT Natural Gas Dry Line Heaters are a revolutionary approach of using low pressure and low temperature steam to more quickly, more economically and with less greenhouse gas emissions to heat natural gas at town border stations or other facilities.

Millivolt controls are supplied by power from thermopiles installed by a standing pilot meaning no power or generators need to be installed on location.

The low volume of glycol, the system operating under a vacuum, and the familiar off-the shelf safety and fuel supply components lead to ease of use, inspection and repair.

The Heat Driven Loop technology has found uses in other applications as well, such as our tank heating system and mechanical treaters.

Please note, in order to size your heater correctly, we require the following:
  • Station in pressure
  • Station out pressure
  • Station in temperature
  • Station out temperature
  • Typical flow rate
  • Maximum flow rate
  • Closed system that requires no top ups
  • Elimination of costly glycol bath
  • Increased thermal efficiency over conventional technology
  • No outside utility required – system runs on internally-generated millivolt power
  • Patented Heat Driven Loop (HDL) Technology
  • Quick response time to actual gas temperature
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduced heat loss
  • Runs on vacuum, resulting in a significant reduction in corrosion
  • Significantly reduced fuel consumption
  • Silent
  • Simplified operator-friendly instrumentation
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