Type P70 Natural Gas & Propane Regulator

Brand: BelGas

The BelGAS Type P70 natural gas and propane regulators are reliable precision units, designed for instrumentation and general purpose use.

Test data for these regulators show excellent performance characteristics compared with those of similar units presently on the market.

These BelGAS regulators are generally superior in regulated pressure vs. flow, forward-to-reverse flow offset, supply pressure sensitivity, repeatability and stability.

Ruggedly designed and constructed, the regulators have housings of diecast aluminum.

The P70 Regulator is finished with vinyl paint (which resists scratching, weathering & other physical abuse), while the P70 NACE is supplied with an epoxy paint for added corrosion protection.

The P70 regulator is pressure and leak tested prior to shipment from the factory.

The full flow gauge ports are convenient for gauge installation and can also be used as additional full flow outlet ports.
  • Superior regulation characteristics
  • Rugged, corrosion-resistant construction
  • Excellent stability and repeatability
  • High flow capacity (80 SCFM)
  • Self-relieving
  • Standard tapped vent
  • Soft relief seat for low gas consumption
  • Several mounting options

  • Instrumentation and General Purpose Use

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