1500 & 1600 Series Temperature Sensors

Brand: Crystal Engineering by Ametek

The 1500 and 1600 Series Industrial Temperature Sensors are mineral insulated thermocouple and resistance thermometer assemblies for use up to 1100°C.

Two different models cover a wide range of fields and applications
  • 1500 Series
    • Thermocouple type T,J,K,N,S and R according to IEC584-1
    • Mineral insulated thermocouple consist of one or more thermocouple housed in a thin-walled flexible metal tube, firmly embedded in ceramic powder (MgO-purity>96%)
    • Connected to the process by brazing, adjustable compression fittings or other mechanical brackets
    • There is a wide range of the material for the sheath. The choice depends on the actual application (temperature and media)
  • 1600 Series
    • Pt100 Resistance Thermometer according to IEC 751
    • 3-wire connection is standard
    • A mineral resistance thermometer with 2, 3, 6 or 8 wires are housed in a thin walled metal tube.
    • The wires are insulated in firmly compacted ceramic powder.
    • The resistance element (single or duplex) is connected to the inner wires, embedded in ceramic powder and closed with a steel cap
    • Connected to the process by brazing, adjustable fittings or other mechanical brackets



  • Thermocouple Type T, J, K, N, S and R
  • Pt100 Resistance Thermometer

  • Power Plants – Turbines and Steam Tubes
  • Process Industry – Petrochemical, Combustion, Furnaces, and Heat Treatment
  • Engines – Exhaust and Material
  • Machinery in Laboratories and Experimental Plants
  • Containers – Pipelines and Chemical Apparatus

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