Freez-Fiter Pilot Heaters

Brand: Bruest Catalytic Heaters

Pilot Gas Heater

Bruest Catalytic Heaters’ Freez-Fiters pilot gas heaters safely and effectively heat low volumes of gas used by pilot regulators and instruments.

The gas travels through the heat exchange coil to be heated by the infrared heat. The heater’s gas train includes all the necessary instruments to operate.

Optional temperature controller allows the heater to modulate the heat output to fit the demand of the application. The dual coil option adds a second heat exchange coil.

This secondary coil can either be used to supply gas to a second pilot regulator or be used in series with the primary coil. Custom configurations allow the Freez-Fiter pilot gas heater to be used in wide ranging applications.

Fuel Gas Heater

Bruest Catalytic Freez-Fiter Fuel Gas Heaters were designed to heat low to medium volume of gas with one or more catalytic heater panels to heat a serpentine process gas coil.

The Freez-Fiter family of heaters is offered with high pressure regulators to reduce the inlet gas pressure to the fuel gas train, an integral filter to remove contaminants, and temperature controllers to adjust the temperature of the process gas.

Bruest’s Freez-Fiter family of fuel gas heaters are great alternatives to larger fuel gas systems.
  • DC startup power option - Allows heaters to be started without costly AC power installation, can be run off car batteries
  • Light weight, compact design - Portable and easy to install. Can be relocated where heat is required with minimal tools
  • Stainless Steel construction - Suitable for outdoor installation with little to zero maintenance required 
  • Direct heating of process coil - No costly heat exchange medium to fill, no risk of spills
  • Larger (S6000 and higher) models with dual temperature controllers - Increased turn down ratio to cover wide spectrum of flow rate ranges
  • Temperature control based on gas temperature - Accurate temperature control ensuring consistent gas heating

  • Pilot Gas Heating
  • Fuel Gas Heating
  • CNG Decompression System
  • LPG Vaporization
  • Glycol Heating
  • Standby generator Fuel Gas Heating
  • CNG Regulation Station Heaters
  • Custom Instrument Gas Heater


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