Type F627 High Flow Gas Pressure Regulator

Brand: BelGas

The BelGAS Type F627 high flow gas pressure regulator is pilot-operated for use within oil and gas pressure-factor measurement (fixed-factor billing) applications.

The regulator includes a factory-installed pilot and has external registration that requires a downstream control line.

These regulators offer installation versatility, and are available in a range of set pressure ranges and high flow capacities.

Functionality is controlled by the type of pilot installed on the system.
  • Pilot operated
  • Accurate for pressure-factor measurement applications
  • Wide range of flow capabilities
  • Tight shutoff capability
  • Durable powder coated exterior
  • Installation versatility
  • Choice of iron, steel, LCC, and aluminum body, bonnet and diaphragm casings

  • Gas and Liquid Service
  • Oil and Gas Separators
  • Distribution Relief Device for Gas Distribution Systems

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