P289RC High-Capacity Exhaust Booster

Brand: BelGas

The P289RC High-Capacity Exhaust Booster from BelGAS. It is used in applications utilizing large pneumatic actuators and valve controls where a rapid response is required.

The P289RC High-Capacity Exhaust Booster is ideally suited in applications with surge valves or recycle valves on compressor stations.

Or, where the operation is sped up to accommodate compressor surges and sudden pressure changes from the out devices.

The 1/4" spring case port of the BelGAS P289RC High-Capacity Exhaust Booster is connected to the controlling instrument such as an I/P, controller or Positioner.

The 1" body port is connected directly to the actuator. It is required for proper operation that a bypass valve is connected to the inlet and outlet of the P289RC, wherever may be most convenient for the end user.

The greater the differential pressure develops across the bypass valve, the further the exhaust booster opens. The factory set opening of the BelGAS P289RC High-Capacity Exhaust Booster is approximately 0.7 psig and is not adjustable in the field.

As the differential pressure decreases between the controlling instrument and the actuator, the booster exhaust valve closes.
  • High-Capacity Exhaust Booster
  • 1/4" Spring Case Port, Connected to Controlling Instrument
  • 1" Body Port, Connected to Actuator
  • 0.7 psig Factory Set Opening

  • Large Pneumatic Actuator and Valve Controls, Where Rapid Response is Required
  • Compressor Station Surge Valves or Recycle Valves
  • General Purpose Pressure Regulation
  • Any Application Where Back Pressure Regulators/Relief Valves are Required

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