1814-2304 Series Temperature Sensors

Brand: Crystal Engineering by Ametek

The 1814-2304 Series Industrial Temperature Sensors consist of thermocouple and resistance thermometer assemblies / special sensors, used for surfaces, energy measurement, and handheld sensors.

Operating temperatures from -40 to 1100°C. 6 different models cover a wide range of fields and applications.


Temperature Range

  • Up to 1100° C


  • T and K according to IEC-584-1
  • Pt100, Pt500 & Pt1000 Resistance Thermometer

  • Machinery, Chemical Apparatus
  • Refrigeration Industry
  • Heating and Ventilation (HVAC)
  • Engine Room
  • Energy Management
  • Heat and Energy Distribution
  • Process Industry – Petrochemical, Combustion, Furnaces, and Heat Treatment
  • Laboratories and Tests
  • With Handheld Digital Thermometers

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