Model 1 Auto Ranging Digital

Brand: Winchester Engineering

With the use of our patented A.R.T. (Auto Ranging Technology™) the MODEL 1 is the first and only digital gauge capable of spanning from Absolute vacuum to 3000psi while maintaining an outstanding 0.1% of Reading.

With this new and improved accuracy and large and vibrant SMART display, it puts the MODEL 1 truly in a league of its own!
  • Rugged, shock-proof design (protective rubber housing comes standard
  • Setback thread protects the port from damage in the event the unit is dropped
  • No cold welds means a gauge that can be tightened and loosened without a wrench—and with virtually no risk of gauge breakage
  • Heavy-duty, self-stowing hook frees up your hands
  • Large, easy-to-read, one-line display with vibrant backlight is perfect for any light condition
  • True battery voltage indication never leaves you guessing
  • Recertification date reminder with 10-year memory
  • No complex menus, no range changing required
  • Materials: Stainless steel valve, rubber housing, electronic board, AA batteries(3)
  • Versatile hook is available



  • ± 0.1 % of Reading, ± 0.01 % fs, ± one digit 50PSI fs=3000


  • -30 Hg to 3,000 psi (0-208 bar)


  • Process - 1/4" NPT Male


  • Stainless Steel valve, rubber housing, electronic board, AA batteries


  • psi, kPa, mmHg, inHg, inH₂O, mmH₂O, kg/cm², BarsAbsolute, psiabsolute, mBarAbsolute, mmHgAbsolute, Bar, mBar


  • 1.6 Lbs (0.726 kg)


  • 2-year “quibble free" warranty


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