CNG Letdown Heaters

Brand: Bruest Catalytic Heaters

While natural gas is normally transmitted in pipelines at pressures up to 1400 PSIG, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is normally stored in pressure vessels up to 3600 PSIG.

CNG must be brought down to a more manageable pressure to be usable. Due to the Joules Thompson Effect, where gas temperature will drop when the pressure drops, this letdown of pressure means heat must be put back into the gas stream to prevent freezing of sensitive instruments and pipelines.

Each of Bruest’s LD series CNG Let Down Systems begins with Bruest’s proven catalytic heaters. These heaters are rated for operation in Class I Division 1 or Division 2 locations.

Furthermore, as catalytic heaters have virtually zero emissions, the LD series letdown stations are not only safe but environmentally friendly.

The LD series letdown stations offer a variety of starting power, packaging, and control options. Input starting power options range from 12VDC to 480VAC.

The LD series is designed to be portable. The smallest system weighs less than 60 pounds. Larger systems can be skid mounted, containerized, or mounted on trailers for easy deployment to job sites.

Controls can be manually operated, or full PLC controlled with remote interface capabilities.

The optional patent pending control system allows simultaneous connection of multiple CNG trailers to minimize flow variations due to supply pressure issues.

In addition to these predefined systems, Bruest’s engineering team is ready to offer customized packages to best meet individual application requirements.
  • Bruest HOTCAT natural gas line heaters Virtually zero greenhouse gas emissions
    • Multiple zone control to reduce gas usage during low demand periods
    • Easy maintenance
    • No glycol requirements, reducing both startup and maintenance costs
  • Class I, Division 1 and 2 classification for safe operation with minimal space requirements
  • Multiple regulation for redundancy
  • Patent pending control system
    • Allows multiple CNG supply containers to be connected simultaneously
    • Minimizes supply pressure variations to gas network
  • Options include
    • Cellular or satellite communication
    • Skid, container, or trailer configuration
    • Integrated generator with uninterruptible power system backup

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