Lubricated Plug Valves

Brand: Quarter Turn Resources

The Pressure Balanced design of the Delta Lubricated Plug Valve eliminates the problems generally associated with older plug valves.

Allowing equal pressure above and below the plug reduces the torque required to operate the valve and reduces the incidents of the plug sticking.

The proven dependability of a Lubricated Plug Valve, especially in blow down and by-pass applications, make this valve an industry standard in the Oil and Gas industry.

The Delta Lubricated Plug design provides durable metal-to-metal seats and a renewable seat/sealant system for a bubble-tight shutoff.

Sealant injection while the valve is in line and in operation allow for the restoration of damaged seats unlike most other valves.

Mounting the valve in any orientation does not effect the torque needed to operate the valve.

Standard carbon steel API-6D and valves are suitable for general service at temperatures from -20°F to +450°F (-29°C to +232°C).

The Delta Lubricated Plug Valve is as a standard feature NACE MR0175-88 compliant.
  • Sizes – 2″ to 16″
  • ANSI Class – 150 to 900
  • End configurations – weld, flanged, RTJ
  • API-6D certified, tested and labeled
  • Meets NACE MR 0175 requirements
  • Complete valve accessories, automation and coatings done at our facilities
  • Special application valves available upon request


Size Range

  • 2" thru 16"

Pressure Class

  • ANSI 150 thru 1500

Cast Carbon Steel Construction

  • Standard

Body & Plug Materials of Construction

  • A-216WCC

Top and Bottom Cover Materials of Construction

  • A-105

Metal Seated

  • Standard

Injection Port for Stem

  • Standard

Injection Port for Body

  • Standard

ENP Coating on Plug

  • Standard

NACE MR-01-75 Construction

  • Standard

Reduced Bore

  • Standard


  • Standard

RF, BW or RTJ flanges to ASME B16.5

  • Standard


  • Standard

API-6D Manufactured, Tested and Monogrammed

  • Standard

Fire Safe designed to API-607 & API-6FA (BS 6755 Pt.2)

  • Standard

Standard Operating Temperature

  • -20° F to 450° F
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