Bruest Catalytic Heater

Brand: Bruest Catalytic Heaters

Catalytic Heaters differ from conventional heating with the introduction of the catalyst. Normal ignition temperature of natural gas in air is approximately 1260°F.

In the presence of a catalyst, an oxidation- reduction reaction occurs to release the energy in the gas into infrared energy, carbon dioxide, and water vapor at a temperature lower than the autoignition temperature of the fuel.

Catalytic heat, as a radiant energy source, will flood the area with heat energy much like a light bulb floods the area around it with light.

The intensity of the heat energy varies with the square of the distance and travels any distance without loss as long as it does not contact matter which absorbs it.

It does not heat the air as the radiant heat passes through air as an electromagnetic wave. It only heats solid or liquid surfaces.

The flameless heat, at a temperature lower than the ignition temperature of natural gas, makes Bruest’s Catalytic Heaters well suited for natural gas and gas equipment heating applications.

  • Instrument Heating
  • Freeze Protection
  • Building Heat
  • Portable Personnel Heating


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