Twin Pak Pipeline Heaters

Brand: Bruest Catalytic Heaters

Bruest’s Twin-Pak pipeline heaters are designed for quick and easy installation with a wide range of BTU inputs in different sizes to accommodate various pipeline sizes and heating requirements.

Twin-Pak pipeline heaters can be used at gate stations, gas filtration plants, and other locations where heat is required directly on the pipe or vessel.

The compact design of the Twin-Paks allows for heating where space is limited without reconfiguring existing pipes. The Twin-Paks include one or two Bruest catalytic heaters.

The Bruest catalytic heaters are designed for use in general wiring, Class I, Division 2, Group D (FM Marked), or Class I, Division 1, Group D (CSA Marked) locations.

As with all Bruest catalytic heaters, the heaters are started with electric power. The input power can be 12VDC, 120VAC, or 240VAC. Fuel gas supply can be either Natural Gas or LP gas for additional flexibility.
  • Compact, portable design - Easily relocated to where heat is required
  • Multiple BTU rating and starting voltages - Sized to meet application demand, pipe size, and power availability
  • Stainless Steel construction - Can be installed outdoors without affecting performance
  • Mounted directly on pipe
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Operation ready in as little as 3 hours 
  • Hazardous location rated - Minimal installation space
  • Mechanically operated
    • Electricity required only during startup 
    • Minimal maintenance 
  • Short lead time - Available in as little as two weeks


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