Type T Deadweight Tester

Brand: M&G Calibration

The Type T tester is a dead weight tester that offers laboratory accuracy in an instrument designed to withstand an industrial environment or daily stresses of a manufacturing environment.

Each tester features a re-entrant type measuring piston and cylinder assembly. This design reduces the rate of fluid leakage and increases float time, helping to maintain accuracy as test pressures increase.

A dual volume pumping feature allows a large volume of fluid to be added at low pressures to fill the system and increase pressure rapidly.

Once filled, switch to a smaller volume to easy pumping and provide finer control at higher pressures.
  • Accuracy to 0.015% of reading
  • Ranges to 15,000 psi
  • Available in psi, kg/cm², bar, and kPa
  • Small incremental weight sets available
  • Overhung weight carrier reduces side thrust and friction
  • Over-pressure protection prevents piston damage
  • 3-leg design with bulls-eye leveling system
  • Single and dual column versions available to meet a wide variety of applications



  • Type T


  • Hydraulic, Piston Gauge

Pressure Range

  • To 100,000 kPa / 15,000 psi (model dependent)

Accuracy (12 Months)

  • .to ± 0.015 % reading

Increments (low - min)

  • 5 psi, 0.5 kg/cm², 0.5 bar, 50 kPa

Increments (high - min)

  • 50 psi, 5 kg/cm², 5 bar, 500 kPa

Increments (Small)

  • Small Incremental Weight Sets Available


  • 9.80665 m/s² (International Standard)
  • Local Gravity Available (specify when ordering)


  • Single or Dual (As ordered)


  • Single or Dual (As ordered)

Weight Sets

  • Single or Dual (As ordered)

Pressure Source

  • Lever Action, Hand-Actuated, Dual Volume Hydraulic Pump


  • Distilled Water/Alcohol Mix (Standard) or AAA Oil (Optional) (specify when ordering)

Reservoir Capacity

  • 1.23 l / 75 in³

Displacement (High Range)

  • 2.8 to 3.2 cm² / 0.17 to 0.20 in³ per stroke

Displacement (Low Range)

  • 0.30 to 0.40 cm² / 0.018 to 0.024 in³ per stroke

Wetted Surfaces

  • 300 Series Stainless Steel, Monel


  • Buna-N (Standard), EPT (Optional), Viton (Optional) (specify when ordering)

Test Connections

  • 1/4" NPT, 1/2" NPT, 7/16 UNF-1/4" BSP and 1/2" BSP (with Metric Models)

Weight Material

  • Hard, Non-Magnetic Alloy (Imperial Units), Stainless Steel (± 0.015 % Imperial and Metric Models), Aluminum (Small Incremental Weight Sets)

Engineering Units

  • psi, kg/cm², bar, kPa


  • Up to 4 (Model and Configuration Dependent)

Weight - Tester & Case

  • 22.7 kg / 50 Lbs

Weight Sets

  • 25 kg to 95.3 kg / 55 to 210 Lbs


  • Single or Dual Piston/Cylinder, Single or Dual Column Hydraulic Deadweight


  • Pump, Piston(s), Weight Set(s), Tools, Manifold, Adapters, Column Base, Tubing (Dual-Column Models), Manual, and NIST Traceable Certification

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